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BRING YOUR OWN! Brewing is fun but cooking is a chore, so we don’t do it! Bring something to go from one of the many outstanding Norman restaurants, order a pizza, or take a look through our menus for one of the local delivery services.


Below is our current beer line up. Beers are served in 4oz or 12oz pours. Growlers/Crowlers are listed.

Czech Yo’Self: Czech Pilsner (ABV 6.6%, 35.4 IBUs)$2/5/10

Golden Lager that’s clean, crisp, and crushable. #Beforeyouwreckyo’self #beerflavoredbeer

Lemon of Troy (ABV 3.8%, 4.9 IBU)-Fruited Berliner Weisse $3/6/12

Tart, wheat beer aged over lemons and raspberries #thesimpsons #stupiderlikeafox

Scurvy Dog (ABV 3.8%, 4.9 IBU)-Fruited Berliner Weiss $3/6/12

Tart, wheat beer aged over cucumbers and limes #jacobsfirstbrew

Cherry Nilla Berliner Weiss (ABV 3.8%) $3/6/12

Berliner Weiss style beer aged over Tart Cherries and Vanilla beans

Archaic Belgian No. 6 (ABV 8.2%, 18.4 IBU) $3/6/12

Commonly known as a Belgian Dubbel, but Panda calls it archaic. A hefty winter sipper with dark candy syrup sweetness and dark fruit richness. #NotBrewedByAMonk #LessMetalThanPandaLikes

Lucky Charms (ABV 6.6%, 18.4 IBU)-Irish Red Ale $2/5/10

Malt forward, balanced Red Ale brewed for our favorite Beer Drinking Holiday. #HappyStPatricksDay #ThisIsTheEndoftheRainbow

Legal Smile – Saison (ABV 8.9%, 28 IBU) $3/6/12

A rugby strength farmhouse ale that may hold the key to escape reality. Crisp, easy drinking, with restrained spiciness and frutiness from the Belgian yeast. Just tryin’ to have me some fun, well done, mash tun. #RIPJohnPrine

Train Bound for Nowhere – West Coast Pale Ale (ABV 5.3%, 42 IBU) $2/5/10

A pale ale as American as a country song about a late-night poker game on a train, generously hopped with galaxy and mosaic.
#yougottoknowwhentoholdem #RIPKenny

Galaxy Quest – NE IPA (ABV 8%, 19 IBU) $3/7/14

East Coast style IPA aggressively whirlpool and dry hopped with Galaxy and Citra hops. #nevergiveupneversurrender #ByGrapthar’sHammer,youshallbeavenged

Santa Rosa – IPA (ABV 7.7%, 98 IBU) $3/6/12

West Coast IPA from the East Side of Central Norman.

Panda Jam-Strawberry Milkshake IPA (ABV 8.9%, 7 IBU) $3/7/14

It’s beer therapy time on this one bro. Classic stuff. Lactose, oats, strawberries, vanilla, and a copious amount of hops. #LesshazymilkshakeIPA

If You Like Pina Coladas-Coconut IPA (ABV 7.2%, 30 IBU) $3/7/14

East Coast style IPA infused with toasted coconut. Dry hopped with Sabro and Medusa hops to provide tropical fruit and pineapple notes. Best enjoyed in the dunes on the cape #ifyoulikemakingloveatmidnight

BIGinis (ABV 4.7%, 37 IBU)-Dry Irish Stout $2/5/10

Easy drinking dry irish stout brewed for our favorite Beer Drinking Holiday. #HappyStPatricksDay

El Guapo Leche-Mexican Chocolate Milk Stout (ABV 9.6%, 46.4 IBU) $3/7/14

with vanilla, cinnamon, cacao nibs, and habanero peppers. We added a generous amount of lactose to this version to thicken and sweeten up a bit. #don’tdrinkiflactoseintolerant

Borrowed Aloha – Coconut Porter (ABV 7.1%) $3/7/14

Robust Porter with light roast and chocolate flavors…plus more coconut than a Mounds bar.


Mon - Wed | 4pm - 10pm

Thursday | 4pm - 11pm

Friday | 3pm - 12am

Saturday | 1pm - 12am

Sunday | 1pm - 10pm


216 E Main St Norman, Oklahoma 73069